Boarding/travel info

As indicated in Article 3 of our Ticket On-Line Regulation you must go to our ticket office at the port of departure at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time in order to complete the check-in procedure and receive your boarding pass. You can not board with your printed e-ticket. If you fail to arrive at the ticket office 20 minutes before the departure time, your booking will not be prioritised and you will be put on a waiting list. You will only be allowed on board if there are any seats available.

The ticket is strictly personal and cannot be given to other passengers. Tickets bought online can only be used for the time and date that is indicated on it. You are able to change the Name of the passenger by sending an email with the request at and paying the penalty fee for changing personal details (if applicable).

Unless prescribed otherwise by law, you can bring dogs, cats and small pets onboard after paying the applied fare. Pets are not allowed in the passenger areas, except for guide dogs accompanying a blind person.
Dogs must wear a muzzle and must be kept on leash. Cats and other pets must be in cages or baskets under owner supervision. The care of the pets during transport is the exclusive responsibility of the owner. The following documentation for animals travelling with a passenger is required: Vet and Health Service valid certificate stating that animal is not affected by any disease.Dogs must have an anti-rabies vaccination certificate. All these documents will need to be shown at the ticket office or before boarding.


If you are still onboard our ship you must report your lost item/s to the Captain or the manager of the Crew. If you have left the ship, you can send an e-mail to, describing your lost item and indicating the name of ship and line, the departure time and date of your trip, together with your ticket number.

You have to pay if your lugggage exceeds normal “hand luggage” size.

You have to pay if your luggage size exceeds the standard hand luggage size.

Hand luggage is a rucksack, small trolley or small sized bag similar to what is considered hand luggage for airlines (max dimensions of: 50cmx30cmx15cm and not exceeding the maximum weight of 5 Kg.).

Hand luggage is free of charge.

Extra-large luggage is considered any type of luggage that exceeds the normal size, length or weight (such as diving equipment).

Yes. Follow the instructions in the section named “accessories”.