Privacy Policy


This page describes how personal data will be dealt with. This information should be supplied as per art.13 dec.leg.n.196/2003 to explain to people visiting website of NLG – Navigazione Libera del Golfo srl:  how their personal data will be used.
It is only applicable to the website of Navigazione libera del Golfo s.r.l. and other sites accessible by users trough links from their site:
Rules are given according to Raccomandazione n.2/2001 from EU authorities in relation to personal data protection policy reported by group formed in art.29 of directive 95/46/CE since 17 May 2001 regarding minimum requirements on personal data collection on line and especially about modus operandi, timing and type of info which should be supplied to users visiting the website on whatever reason.


Trough consultation of this website some personal data coming from visitors who are identified or can be identified will be handled. The only subject entitled to deal with such data is NLG – Navigazione Libera del Golfo s.r.l. situated in Napoli at via Melisurgo 4, CAP 80133 .


Web services connected to data elaboration will act exclusively on the premises of NLG – Navigazione Libera del Golfo s.r.l. by its dedicated personnel or by authorized people during occasional maintenance options. No data coming from web services will be divulgated. All personal data supplied by users will be used only for the aim indicated and will be transferred to third party only on complying to that aim.


Web Surfing data collection

Informatic systems and software process used for this website, acquire during the process some personal data which can be transmitted implicitly in normal communication process on the net.   This information is collected on the aim to associate identified subjects in statistic groups but trough elaboration and association with other info supplied trough third parties  could cause subject to be identified.
Belong to the above category: IP address, Dominion name for computer used for connecting to internet, URI (uniform Resource Identifier), time of request, way of submitting request to server and so on.
All these data should be used only to create anonymous statistic database for checking out correct working of website and should be deleted immediately after their elaboration. These data can be also used to track liability for informatics crimes or damages caused to website.

Data supplied by users intentionally

Intentional sending of mail will cause acquisition of email address of sender which could be used in replaying or to acquire extra personal data introduced in the email content.


No personal data from user will be acquired by the website trough cookies.
No cookies will be used to transmit  personal info or trace users. CD cookies for session (will not be stored permanently in the computer) are limited strictly to transmitting session identification to allow safe and efficient web surfing. All CD cookies used in this website exclude use of technique devoted to any invasive application so does not consent acquisition of user personal data.

Freedom of data transfer consent

User shall feel free to supply his personal data to fill in forms as required by NLG – Navigazione Libera del Golfo to access specific service or receive communications. In case information will not supplied some services will not be possible. In completing informative session should be noted that some specific info can be requested for legal requirement as per art.157 of d.leg.n.196/2003 on the Control for Personal data. In such cases answer should be considered compulsory against payment of fine.

Way of dealing with information collected

Personal data are elaborated automatically trough electronic instruments only for strictly required timeframe t reach the expected results. All specific safety measures are taken to prevent loss  of data, illicit use or incorrect use as well avoiding unauthorized access.

Rights for interested parties

People whose data are supplied have right to get confirmation of existing storage of their data at any time about content and origin. They  have right to check if they are correct and ask for addition, updating or amendment (art.7 of d.leg.n.196/2003) they also have right to ask cancelation, transformation in anonymous format or blockage in case they are used against the law.