The story

For the past 80 years our company,  Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG), has been operating in the gulf of Napoli taking passengers from all over the world to the wonderful  isle of Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi and Positano coast. Besides, since 70’s NLG provided connection to Tremiti islands in the Adriatic sea.

Aponte’s family ,whose origin are in Sorrento, is to date running the company. The family has long back dated marine tradition since the XVII and XVIII century.

Modern history of the company’s activity starts in 1953 with the ships M/N “Italia” and M/N “Linda” followed by M/N “Santa Teresa”, M/N  “S.Lucia Luntana”, M/N “S.Maria del Mare”, M/N “S.Rita” and “Pola”, finally ,for traditional vessels, with M/N “Patrizia” and “ Mergellina”.

In 1981 NLG – Navigazione Libera del Golfo S.r.l. was founded  and after few years a complete modernization program for the fleet started.

In short time all the old ships were replaced by modern and highly efficient water jet propelled vessels:

In 1988 was purchased “Capri Jet” in 1990 “Sorrento Jet”, in 1991 “Napoli Jet”, in 1993 “Amalfi Jet” and in 1995 “Ischia Jet”.

Further acquisition in 1999 of “Super Jet”, a very modern HSC vessel with loading capacity of 547 passengers , enlarged the fleet.

Even  if already establishing leadership in the segment ,the company did not stop the growth:
In 2003 “Vesuvio Jet” and “Tremiti Jet” were added to the fleet. They are very fast “ HSC type” vessels, electronically “stabilized”  with loading capacity of 443 passengers and ability of keeping cruising speed at 35 knots nevertheless adverse atmospheric  conditions.

In 2006 a new acquisition , “Salerno Jet”, with similar characteristics, improved the operational service in the Salerno gulf.

In 2007 it was acquired the “Picasso” in order  to increase activity in the Adriatic sea from Gargano’s ports (Rodi Garganico and Capojale) towards Tremiti islands.

In same year another growth in the fleet occurred by acquisition of  2 new modern concept catamarans bearing the  latest technology and highly comfortable for passengers.  DSC Zenit  was designated to take service on the new line between Vieste and Tremiti Islands while DSC Ponza Jet  was dedicated to develop a pioneer new line connecting  Pontine Islands from Terracina: Teracina-Ponza and Terracina-Ventotene.

Present fleet is  composed by 10 monohull  hydro-propelled jets and 1 DSC Catamaran.
Are still part of the fleet 2 traditional vessels which represents proudly the historical memory of the company’s  original fleet and its long  back dated marine tradition :  M/N Patrizia and M/N Ala, both still in perfect working condition.

A perfect mix of traditional and modern performance activities together with continuous researching for improvement, accurate use of resources and professional experience make our company always highly competent and competitive in the marine passengers transport service especially in terms of safety, comfort and reliability in providing regular services.