Assistance to PMR – People with Reduced Mobility

In accordance with the Italian Legislation, NLG offers dedicated services to assist passengers with disability limited mobility.
All our Ticket Offices can provide, at the time of booking or purchasing the ticket, all the relevant information about the facilities on board of each vessel, and provide the name of the vessel for any departure time of any day.
All vessels in our fleet can accommodate people with limited mobility, including wheelchair users, on the condition that they can be moved on the vessel seats. Italian legislation does not allow people to remain seated in their wheelchairs during navigation. During navigationnall our crew members (as indicated on their working uniform) will be able to offer support and assistance.
The section “The Fleet” clearly indicates for each unit of our fleet, the number of seats allocated to people suffering limited mobility and the availability of a toilet facility to them.


As a result of daily variations of the service needs for the departures in the Gulf of Naples and Salerno, it’s not possible to determine in advance which vessel will be employed on a determined departure time, and therefore a toilet accessible to wheelchair users is not always guaranteed.

This information can be requested only in the ticket office at the port of departure when you purchase your ticket or when you receive your boarding passes for tickets bought online.