Travel info

Will be considered “Baggage”: Suitcases, Travel bags, Rock sacks and similar containing personal effects carried along on board by passengers.

Passengers are entitled to an allowance of one only free baggage within max dimensions of: 50cmx30cmx15cm and not exceeding maximum weight of 5 Kg.

  • Any baggage exceeding the allowance will be boarded on payment of prescribed tariff.
  • Payment of baggage ticket is intended only for transport of it. Loading, offloading, storage and custody during navigation of baggage is under complete responsibility of passenger.
  • No baggage of any sort can be placed on top of seats or in any other position which might create disturbance or obstruction to other passengers.
  • Any baggage not containing personal effects of passenger, especially if big sized, will only be loaded on board if there is enough space available on condition that it will not cause technical problem or health hazard and will be subject to irrevocable decision of responsible personnel on board.
  • Passenger who brings on board dangerous materials or illicit goods , or any substance which can be hazardous for health or not in conformity with any Health regulation will be considered by the Company liable for damages and payment of eventual fines.
  • Company can be responsible only, within terms of legislation, for valuables given in custody to responsible personnel on board on issuing of regular receipt.
  • Company cannot be considered liable for loss of valuables, jewels, money or any other object which was left unattended in the car or in any public area on board of ship. Passengers will be in any case responsible to prove value of goods lost or occurred damage to their properties and submit evidence that such loss/damage occurred on board of ship during the trip.